CentOS 6.3 OS Installation

Boot Computer with CentOS 6.3 OS Installation CD/DVD.

  1. SelectInstallor Upgrade existing system options.

cent-1Select Install or Upgrade

  1. Chooseskipmedia test as it may take long time to check media.

cent-2Skip CentOS 6.3 Media Test

  1. CentOS 6.3 Welcome Screen pressNext.

cent-3CentOS 6.3 Welcome Screen

  1. LanguageSelection.

cent-4CentOS 6.3 Language Selection

  1. Select appropriateKeyboard.

cent-5CentOS 6.3 Keyboard Selection

  1. SelectBasic Storage Device if your hard drive is attached locally.

cent-6CentOS 6.3 Storage Device Selection

  1. You may getStorage Devicewarning, you can click Yes, discard any data button to Continue.

cent-7CentOS 6.3 Storage Device Warning

  1. Give aHostnameto the server and click on Configure Network button if you want to configure network while installation.

cent-8CentOS 6.3 Hostname and Network Setup

  1. ClickWiredtab and click on Add button.

cent-9CentOS 6.3 Network Setup

  1. SelectConnect Automatically, go toipv4 settings tab and select Method and select Manual in drop down. Click on Add tab to fill address box with IP Address, Netmask, Gateway and DNS Server. Here I’m using IP Address and DNS Server is for demo. This IP Address may vary in your environment.

cent-10CentOS 6.3 Network Configuration

  1. SelectTime Zone.

cent-11CentOS 6.3 Set Timezone

  1. Give aroot password.

cent-12CentOS 6.3 root Password

  1. Select appropriate partitioning as per your requirement.

cent-13CentOS 6.3 Partition Selection

  1. Verify filesystem. Here, you can edit filesystem If you want.

cent-14CentOS 6.3 Partition Verify

  1. DiskFormat Warning, click on Format.

cent-15CentOS 6.3 Disk Format

  1. SelectWrite Changes to disk.

cent-16CentOS 6.3 Disk Changes

  1. Hard Drive isFormatting.

cent-17CentOS 6.3 Disk Formatting

  1. Here, you can giveBoot loader Password for better security.

cent-18CentOS 6.3 Boot Loader Password

  1. Select the applications you want to install, you can chooseCustomize nowand click Next.

cent-19CentOS 6.3 Package Selection

  1. Select the applications you want to install and clickNext.

cent-20CentOS 6.3 Packages Selection

  1. Installation started, this may take several minutes as per selection of packages.

cent-21CentOS 6.3 Installation

  1. Installation completed, Please removeCD/DVDand reboot system.

cent-22CentOS 6.3 Installation Completes

  1. Welcome to CentOS 6.3Login Screen.

cent-23CentOS 6.3 Login Screen

  1. CentOS 6.3Desktop Screen.


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