Configure Outlook to Access Gmail

We’re not going to debate which is the better email protocol, IMAP or POP3. We don’t need to, because Gmail supports them both, as does Outlook. So rather than spark a flame war over which one is better (*cough* IMAP *cough*), we’ll show you how to configure each one.

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Back up and Use Gmail Offline

The reason it always seems like your Internet connection goes out at the worst possible time is because when you stop and think about it, there’s really no good time to be without Internet access. Whether we’re trying to play an online multiplayer game or collaborate on a cloud project, losing an internet connection sucks. That doesn’t mean you can’t still be productive, however, because Google has made it possible to use your Gmail account offline (provided you use Chrome). Here’s what you need to do.

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Bypass Gmail’s Spam Filter

 If you wanted a way to bypass Gmail‘s spam filter, now it’s possible. Just create a filter that describes the cases when Gmail should not flag the incoming messages as spam and then check “Never send it to spam”. To bypass the filter for all the messages flagged as spam, type label:spam in the “Has the words” input box.
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Check Multiple Gmail Accounts Using a Single Login

If you only have a single Gmail account, move along, there’s nothing to see here. But if you have multiple Gmail accounts, this tip absolutely applies to you. By taking advantage Gmail Delegation, you can merge multiple accounts to a primary account and check all email at once

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 Organize Your Labels

Using labels is a great way to organize your emails, but as the number of labels grow, they too may need organizing! Lucikly, Google makes this easy to do in Gmail.

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Gmail Backup to .pst Solution:

Using Gmail Backup tool offered by our hugely reputed & trustworthy software developing organization will let you create a substitute copy of your Gmail emails, contacts, calendars & documents and also chats. This way you can have a copy of your Gmail data so that even if the original one is out of your reach or inaccessible at the moment, you can access the backup and avail the data.

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