What is OpenCart?

OpenCart is an easy to-use, powerful, Open Source* online store management program that can manage multiple online stores from a single back-end Administrative area simply by filling in forms and clicking “Save.” There are many professionally-written extensions available to customize the store to your needs.

An OpenCart store can be ready to take orders soon after installation. All you have to do is have it installed for you (any web hosts do it for free), select a template from the many free or low-cost template sites, add your product descriptions and photos, click a few settings, and you are ready to begin accepting orders. Our free Installation & Quick Start chapters show you how.

The public side or “Storefront” of OpenCart looks very professional and ready to sell almost as soon as it is installed:

how to change <title name> in opencart? Click Here For Answer

How To Change Site Logo & Favicon Icon ? Click Here For Answer

Click Here  for OpenCart Payment Method  (BKash) Module Or Extension 

Click Here for OpenCart  Method  (Cart SMS) Module Or Extension 

Click Here for OpenCart  FB Like Box  Module Or Extension 

Click Here for OpenCart  vqmod  Module Or Extension 

Click Here For Edit/Delete OpenCart Powered by name

Click Here For More Secure OpenCart 


More  Info:::

  1. Change The Website  logo; Title Name; fabecon Icon; ftp settup; Mail Settup; and google Re-capture >> Just Go to Dashboard>system>Setting> Edit
  2. Top menu add or Remove from Deshboard>Category List.
  3. Slideshow Picture add >> Dashboard>System>design>Banner.
  4. Change Currency > Dashboard>system>Localisation> Currency . 
  5. Currency Default > Dashboard> System> Setting>Edit>Local teb.

SHOWME GUIDES™ OpenCart 1.5 User Manual

Open Cart Quick Start Guide



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