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Welcome to ClearOS

ClearOS is a powerful network and gateway server designed for small organizations and distributed environments. Though ClearOS comes with an extensive list of features and integrated services (see sidebar), the solution is easy to configure thanks to the intuitive web-based interface.

Download ClearOS 6.3.0 32/64 Bit ISO Images

Download ClearOS 6.3.0 DVD ISO‘s for 32/64 Bit operating systems using following links.

  1. ClearOS 6.3.0 32 Bit DVD ISO
  2. ClearOS 6.3.0 64 Bit DVD ISO

Installation Of ClearOS 6.3.0 With Screenshots

Boot the Computer with ClearOS 6.3.0 Installation CD/DVD or ISO.

1. Select Install or upgrade ClearOS 6.3.0

ClearOS 6.3 Install

2. Welcome screen of ClearOS 6.3.0

ClearOS 6.3 Welcome

3. Language selection.

ClearOS 6.3 Language

4. Keyboard selection.

ClearOS 6.3 Keyboard

5. Select Basic Storage device, if your hard drive is locally attached.

ClearOS 6.3 Basic Storage

6. Storage Device Warning, Click yes, discard any data.

ClearOS 6.3 Device Warnings

7. Give a Name to your system. You may Click on Configure Networkbutton if you want to configure Network during installation.

ClearOS 6.3 Hostname Add

Note: Click Wired tab and click on add button. Select Connect automatically, go to ipv4 settings tab and select Method and selectManual in drop down. Fill address box with IP Address, Netmask & Gateway. In this howto’s I’m using IP Address for this system. The IP Address may differ in your environment.

8. Select nearest city in your time zone.

ClearOS 6.3 Add City

9. Enter root password.

ClearOS 6.3 root password

10. Select Partition types as per your need.

ClearOS 6.3 Partition

11. Verify Partitions or you can edit filesystem partition If you like.

ClearOS 6.3 Verify Partition

12. Select Write changes to Disk.

ClearOS 6.3 Disk Changes

13. Filesystem formatting.

ClearOS 6.3 Formatting

14. Bootloader options. You can give bootloader password to enhance security.

ClearOS 6.3 Boot Loader

15. Installation started, this may take several minutes.

ClearOS 6.3 Installation

16. Installation completed, Please remove CD/DVD and reboot system.

ClearOS 6.3 Installation Completes

17. After reboot, First screen of Clear OS.

ClearOS 6.3 Reboot

18. Post installation, you will get below screen where we can use browser to configure ClearOS 6.3.0 using URL to connect web interface (

ClearOS 6.3 Post Installation

19. Open ClearOS Web Interface in a browser with root user andpassword for initial configuration.

ClearOS Web Interface

20. Installation Wizard will come up and follow the instructions as it says.

ClearOS Installation Wizard

21. Select modes, Private Server Mode (for local network) is appropriate for this scenario (Without firewall)

ClearOS Select Modes

22. Next two steps is for Network Setting, you can edit Network Settingshere if you want.

ClearOS Network Settings

ClearOS Network Configuration

23. Select ClearOS Community Edition or ClearOS Professional. VisitClearOS Website to know more about differences.

ClearOS Community Edition

24. Next step for software updates if any

ClearOS 6.3 Updates

That’s It! we are ending this intallation here, if you have any questions and comments please use our comment section below.


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